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Calendar of Concerts for the 2010-11 season

These are the forthcoming concerts for the 2010-11 season, all concerts taking place in the Market Hall in Appleby.  If you'd like your own copy of the concert dates to print off and put on your notice board at home, click HERE.


  • Three more new ensembles for this season
    We start and finish the season with returning faces, which neatly sandwich our tasty new fillings of Appleby debutants/es.  How about a string quartet that does not fit the usual pigeonholes?  But who engage their audiences so utterly that they are fast on the hook within a few opening bars of their crisp, highly original music.  Methera is their name. Their nature?  You'll have to come and find out for yourselves. Next are Consort 1700, who bring a programme of baroque music to our stage with soprano, baroque flute, harpsichord and violin all contributing to two hours of loveliness.  It is probable that at least half of their material may be unknown to at least half of the audience.  Last of the new flavours are the Deakin Trio with William 'Wib' Bennett (Flute) and Neil Black (Oboe) and we at the NWA feel fantastically privileged to have been able to persuade them to come along and play for us in February.  Both have recorded widely through their long professional careers.  Just try "Googling" them and you'll see what we mean!
  • The returning favourites?  Opening the season on 10th October are guitar duo John Mills and his wife, Cobie Smit.  This could be John's 5th appearance in Appleby and everyone loves his warm playing with a touch of the Favourite Uncle in his manner of addressing his appreciative audiences.  Look out for his travelling standard-lamp (it hinges in the middle) and the slippers under the armchair.*   Finishing the season and by many, many popular requests are Mazaika.  For those who made it to their concert last season, you may want to book your subscription ticket now to be sure of a seat, if only to see Igor & Sarah again.  They received a standing ovation in November '09 and were not allowed to leave until utterly exhausted after three encores.








At a glance

  • John Mills & Cobie Smit - guitar duo
    Sunday 10th October 2010 - 7:30pm £8.50


  • Methera - quirky trad. string quartet
    Sunday 14th November 2010 - 7:30pm £8.50


  • Consort 1700 - Early / baroque ensemble
    Sunday 30th January 2011 - 7:30pm £8.50


  • The Deakin Chamber Players with William Bennett (Flute) and Neil Black (Oboe)         Sunday 13th February 2011 - 7:30pm £10.00


  • Mazaika - accordion & violin duo.     Sunday 27th March 2011 - 7:30pm  £8.50      


NOTE:  Programme information is often garnered well ahead of a concert and sometimes, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang agley...and so, whilst given in good faith, programmes sometimes do change for a variety of reasons.  If we have prior knowledge, we shall use this website to communicate any such change but the organisers are not able to accept liability for said change if it occurs.  By all means let us know if it might have been a serious disappointment - we like to listen to and learn from our concert-goers.