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Calendar of Concerts  2014-2015

These are the forthcoming concerts for the 2014-15 season, all concerts taking place in the Market Hall in Appleby and starting at 7:30pm.  For your own illustrated copy of the concert dates to print off and put on your notice board at home, click HERE.   You might also like to help us by printing one or two off and displaying them in a suitably prominent position in your community - that would be greatly appreciated.

What's in store this season?

  • Four brand new names and 4 trombone blasts from a not-too-distant past.....
    None of this "same old, same old" from NWA!  Four brand new acts with the now-expected eclectic mix of genres.  But at the end of the season, we welcome back.  Um.  No, we won't tell you here.  Read on, dear reader.


  • Sunday 5th October 2014  - The London Klezmer Quartet.  Bring together a double bass, fiddle, accordion and clarinet and you  have an instant musical party.  We introduce the vibrant Pandora's box that is Klezmer music and you should be ready for a journey through Eastern Europe to the Middle East.  Sultry or fizzing?  Take your pick.  But there will be a foot-tapping monitor patrolling the rows.


  • Sunday 16th November 2014 -  Richard Durrant & Howard Beach.   Richard's approach to concert performance is not like that of others.  He likes to play in bare feet for one.  He uses captivating projected films to enhance his music. But his virtuosic playing is what really engages his audiences and he listener can expect a complete mastery of the guitar repertoire from any century that the guitar has been a part of.  For this concert, Richard teams up with Howard Beach, erstwhile harpsichordist with the fabled ensemble Red Priest.  This is a very successful partnership that tests listening loyalties.  To be able to appreciate everything that goes on on-stage, you will probably have to buy the CD and re-run the evening at home n the coming years.


  • Sunday 25th January 2015 - The Maxwell Quartet.   A young, highly talented string quartet emerging from the musical crucible of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where they met as post-grad students.  Shall we quote some of their critics? : 

    "brilliantly fresh, unexpected and exhilarating...  an enlightening and enthralling musical experience" *****

    Michael Tumelty, The Herald Scotland, March 2013  


    "Succinct and beautifully crafted, it felt like every note mattered in the Maxwells’ thoughtful explosive performance"

    Lammermuir Festival, September 2014


  •  Sunday 1st March 2015 - Afternoon concert by students of the Junior Royal Northern College of Music (JRNCM).   A break from recent form for us in that this concert will be in the afternoon, starting at 3:00pm.  One key advantage is that it will allow the young performers from this wonderful Manchester institution to travel from their far-flung homes and be home again at a more sensible time for normal school the next day.  Keep your programme after this concert as, in as little as 7 years, you may be seeing these same performers on the stages of the world's concert halls.


  • Sunday 29th March 2014 - Bones Apart Trombone Quartet.  Four female trombones in exquisite harmony playing with that telepathic musicality that can at times suspend their audience in slack-jawed wonder.



NOTE:  Programme information is often garnered well ahead of a concert and sometimes, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang agley...and so, whilst given in good faith, programmes sometimes do change for a variety of reasons.  If we have prior knowledge, we shall use this website to communicate any such change but the organisers are not able to accept liability for said change if it occurs.