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Calendar of Concerts  2016-17

These are the forthcoming concerts for the 2016-17 season, all except for the Trio Mediaeval on 7th March 2017  taking place in the Market Hall in Appleby and starting at 7:30pm.  Trio Mediaeval will be performing in St Lawrence's Church in Appleby.  For your own illustrated copy of the concert dates to print off and put on your notice board at home, click HERE.   You might also like to help us by printing one or two off and displaying them in a suitably prominent position in your community - that would be greatly appreciated.

What's in store this season?

  •  Our audiences are now used to some real variety in our lineup for the NWA concerts and this year sees another really interesting colelction of performers coming to Appleby to delight us.  43/4  of them are quite new to us and some represent new departures for us.  We hope you enjoy every single moment of every single concert!


  • Sunday 25th September 2016 7:30pm - MAZAIKA.   By popular request, we are bringing back Russian accordionist and tenor Igor Outkine and his violinista wife Sarah Harrison for an eclectic evening of music from many genres, nations and epochs.  Nothing so formal as a programme to share with you right now, it is probable that there will be a form of programme in Igor's head but know that even that will be inherently flexible.                Tickets £12.00 NB:  If you'd like a double helping of Mazaika, they shall be performing for an Argentine Tango milonga (dance) in the same Appleby Public Hall from 2:30pm to 6:00pm that afternoon.  Bring your dancing shoes and join in or just sit back as a contented spectator and enjoy a very different Sunday afternoon.  Tickets £12.00 on the door.


  • Sunday 16th October 2016 7:30pm - Opera Anywhere presents Mozart's "THE MAGIC FLUTE".   This is a first for NWA - touring opera - and one of the most accessible and joyous operas of the lot to boot.  No other opera packs quite as many superb arias into one beautiful package as Mozart managed in this late work of his.  If you are thinking of introducing a novvice to opera, bring them to The Magic Flute. Tickets £12.00


  • Sunday 27th November 2016 7:30pm - THE MATT HOLBORN JAZZ QUARTET.  Pretty much as it says on the tin.  Many have mourned the demise of the very popular Appleby Jazz festival a few years ago and so we are doing our bit to partially fill that notable vaccuum in the Appleby scene.


  • Sunday 22nd January 2017 7:30pm - BURNESIDE BRASS BAND.   It's been a while since our last brass band concert and this time, we are looking closer to home and have invited Burneside Brass Band to come and perform for us.  They are very active and now have quite a few competitions under their belt with Musical Director Laurie Johnston at the helm.


  •  Sunday 19th February 2017 7:30pm - THE BRITTEN OBOE QUARTET. Regulars may recall that for Northern Sinfonia's last appearance in Appleby, they brought a surprise substitute oboist with them, the sublime Nicholas Daniel.  You may also recall that, his immaculate playing apart, he also won the audience over with his command of the stage and wonderful rapport with the audience and players alike.  We vowed that he should return and now here he is with his own ensemble.  They had been due to appear in December 2015 when Storm Desmond decided to smite Cumbria a mighty blow and the River Eden climbed out of its banks, leading to a last-minute cancellation of the concert.  Here's the re-match and the reason why we have an extra concert this year!


  • Tuesday (yes, TUESDAY) 7th March 2017 7:30pm in St Lawrences, Parish Church, Appleby- DOWLAND WORKS: 'AWAKE SWEET LOVE - Dowland & his contemporaries.  Founded by Emma Kirkby and Jacob Herriman, this is a collective of young and seasoned performers alike who have collaborated to bring to life not only the works of Elizabethan composer John Dowland but also those of his contemporaries. 



NOTE:  Programme information is often garnered well ahead of a concert and sometimes, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang agley...and so, whilst given in good faith, programmes sometimes do change for a variety of reasons.  If we have prior knowledge, we shall use this website to communicate any such change but the organisers are not able to accept liability for said change if it occurs.