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Frequently Asked Questions

When people ask the same questions, frequently, we'll add some FAQ's to help you out.

Such as:

Q: Why do you have your concerts on a Sunday night?
A: We find that Saturday nights are so crowded in the arts calendar that it can be very hard to choose which concert to go to.  Sunday nights, however, are usually free in most programmes and diaries and so our discerning audiences are available to come and enjoy the splendid Appleby concerts.

Q: What time does the concert start?

A:  Unless otherwise stated, all of our concerts start at 7:30pm.  They usually finish by 9:30pm but sometimes encores can lead to a finish closer to 10:00pm.

Q:  Where can I eat before a concert?

A:  Try the Tufton Arms, just a few doors down the street, Bo Jangles (closes at 3:45pm) , The Royal Oak, Bistro 1871, Appleby Thai or look up Trip Advisor for Appleby for other ideas or simply to have a giggle at grumpy diners' comments (one can usually divine the genuine rants from the demented babbling).

(Any more questions? : see, we're ready for you....)