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Bones Apart

These four gifted ladies return to our stage at Appleby after about a five year gap and we shall all await with baited breath to hear how their prodigious, world-class talents have been honed whilst they have been away.

This ensemble will have an obvious and immediate appeal to lovers of brass instruments far and wide, but don't for one minute begin to think that this might not be for you.  By "you", we mean you, the listener who might ordinarily think that brass music is all marches and show music.  The listener who is drawn more, perhaps, to the Schubert and the Mendelssohn.  You should, for instance, hear the Bones Apart rendition of Handel's 'Harmonious Blacksmith' Air & Variations.  Listen to their muted delicacy and fabulous articulation and enjoy a new respect for the hitherto big, bold brash trombone in the hands of musicians at the top of their game.  Better still, come along for Sunday 29th March 2015 and prepare for, how shall we say, an Epiphany?

Of course, if you choose to form an ensemble of four big instruments like this, you step outside the familiar repertoire of a wind quartet and a major part of the Bones Apart stage presence and sense of such tight-knit musicality is in the artful arrangements and newly commissioned works that form much of their repertoire.

An important part of their work is in education and outreach work and if you happen to be reading this well ahead of their concert, do get in touch with us to see about arranging an inspirational workshop with the girls whilst they are in our region.  A chance not to be missed.  They work with the P-bones (plastic trombones to get kids going on the instrument) for work aimed at the lower age ranges but are likely to be able to work wonders with an existing silver/brass band.

Bones Apart